The Moore Sisters

The Moore Sisters

These two sisters, Bella and Sophia Moore are two of the most creative and inspiring girls I know. They both are so special because they don't allow social media and our generation to define their beauty and grace. Enjoy meeting the sisters of my dreams. 

Bella instagram: @belloore

Sophia Instagram: @somooree 

  • Stella: What is your favorite place in the world? 

Bella: Paris, London, Europe - everything is inspiring and everyone is celebrating their flaws without being social media and technology obsessed. 

 Photo courtesy to Bella Moore. 

Photo courtesy to Bella Moore. 

Sophia: Spring Lake, New Jersey. 

 Photo courtesy to Sophia Moore. 

Photo courtesy to Sophia Moore. 

  • Stella: Who or what inspires you the most? 

Bella: Cara Moore (mother), to always make her mom proud. 

Sophia: Cara Moore (mother) and Artist, JW Waterhouse.

  • Stella: Who are your style icons?    

Bella: Jeanne Damms and Bella Hadid.

Sophia: Bella Moore (sister).

  • Stella: What is your favorite article of clothing and why?    

Bella: Dresses because they're carefree and easy, as well as casual but elegant. 

 Courtesy to Bella Moore. 

Courtesy to Bella Moore. 

Sophia: Jeans because they can transform an outfit to something so much more put together. 

  • Stella: Who is your favorite Artist and what is your favorite song? 

Bella: Artist: Milky Chance; Song: Cocoon by Milky Chance and Mediator by AlunaGeorge. (Spotify: Bella Moore) 

Sophia: Artist: The Weekend and Lana Del Ray; Song: Salvatore by Lana Del Ray. (Spotify: Sophia Moore) 

  • Stella: Where is your dream travel destination?

Bella: Shanghai.

  • Stella: What is one beauty and skin tip you life by? 

Sophia: Hydrating your skin by drinking a lot of water, and not wearing any makeup. 

  • Stella: What do you see in your near future? 

Bella: Exploring new places and meeting new people. 

Stella: What are your current goals?

Sophia: To focus more on mental health, admiring nature and going outside, drawing and creating art more, and to read more. 

 Taken by Stella Santini. 

Taken by Stella Santini. 

  • Stella: What is your go-to outfit? 

Sophia: Jeans, sweater, comfy sneakers and a light jacket. 

 Photo courtesy to Sophia Moore. 

Photo courtesy to Sophia Moore. 

  • Stella: What are your tips for being a successful and carefree young women? 

Bella: Stay true to yourself, embrace your flaws, be confident, don't take other peoples drama, don't worry about boys. 



I hope you are inspired by these two lovely ladies! 


Stella Rae 

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