Army Jacket with a POP of color

Welcome to my official "fashion" page on the blog! This is exciting right?! I am getting super interested in fashion so why don't show you guys by creating a whole page about it. I know, genius. 

For my first stylin' post, I decided to show you guys my number one go-to jacket for the end of Fall and beginning of Winter. Mine is a crazy cool army green jacket with amazing embroidery covering the back. This jacket in particular is so special and unique on it's own, when wearing a slick all black look for a night out, just pair this jacket with it for a smooth but poppin outfit.

DSC_1013 2.JPG

What's so cool about this jacket is that they are vintage and usually handmade, but unforunately, are not easy to get your hands on. Shoutout to my mom, who made AND sells them at her pop-up shops (next one @ Pheonicia flea in Brooklyn). 

DSC_1036 2.JPG
DSC_1044 2.JPG
DSC_1067 2.JPG

I styled my friend Sophia in a slick all black urban outfitters outfit and really emphasized the look on the jacket and clearly her amazing fire hair lol. 

Not only is the jacket super stylish but it's also good to keep you warm when walking through the windy nights of New York City. This jacket is also so versatile and can be dressed super sexy with a LBD and boots or add a hoodie or cashmere sweater underneath. 


I hope you guys enjoyed and are excited to see the new upcoming posts in stylin'. 


Stella Rae