Don't Miss: Paris Shops&Eats

Wow. I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I recently came home from a fascinating weekend in Paris. Words cannot even explain how extraordinary this city is, so I will let my photos do the talking. Here is my guide to Paris through every cute boutique and delicious bistro. 

1. Merci Store 

I'm sure many of you have heard of the famous Merci store in Paris but the store was insane. My mom and I kept saying that it had a Barney's reputation and an urban outfitters/anthropologie feel. Everything in this store was worth dreaming about, overall amazing. 

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2. Bon Marche

This store was the Paris version of a high-end, much better Nordstrom. This store is great for provisions and little gifts for your bffs back home. Name it and they have it, run to St.Germain to find Bon Marche! 

3. La Barbouille Bistro 

My mom and I were absolutely starving and all the resturants were closed at the time, we finally found one that wasn't and rushed in. This resturant was one of the best ones. Best food, best waiter, best location, best look. Run don't walk.  


4. Flea Markets in the Marais 

Momma walking through the Marais 

Momma walking through the Marais 

On the weekends there are always flea markets everywhere in Paris but in the cute little Marais there are such dope vendors. My parents and I practically spent two full days roaming through the streets looking for good finds and OH did we find some good stuff!

Well guys that's an end to part one of the Paris guide. Hope you liked it! 


Stella Rae