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New Discoveries in Tulum

Tulum Mexicostella santini3 Comments

Last week I was traveling to Tulum on vacation with my family and friend; Kathryn. This vacation was literally magical. I realized how much I enjoy visiting with the people there. The atmosphere , ambiance , the people there and overall  Tulum vibe. I was so content the entire vacation, eating delicious food, laying on the beach all day, and trying new stores, restaurants, and different spots. These are some of the cute new spots I went to during this vacation and absolutely LOVED!!

  • Safari Taco Restaurant 

I went to this restaurant for the first time and it was off the hook. The food was heavenly; the tacos, chips, guacamole, everything! The whole restaurant is adorable, and the general mood and environment was fantastic. I highly recommend the crispy fish tacos and yuca french fries!!! 

 Safari Restaurant 

Safari Restaurant 

  • Casa Banana Restaurant

I went to this restaurant twice and it was fantastic both times. If your  a meat lover then you will enjoy this Argentinian steak lovers restaurant! There is such a lively atmosphere and it's great food!! Mom & Dad love the wine....

 Casa Banana Restaurant 

Casa Banana Restaurant 

  • Yoga w/ Daria Hines

Daria Hines is one of the most amazing people on this entire planet. She is incredible healthy, stylish and inspiring. She teaches multiple yoga classes at the new Sanara Hotel and the Tribal Yoga Studio. I took a yoga class on vacation and the whole rest of the day I was content and relaxed and just overall had a great start to my day. Make sure to figure out when she's teaching at either of these yoga studios and go to her classes!!

 Daria Hines with her beautiful daughter; Chiara. 

Daria Hines with her beautiful daughter; Chiara. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post about the wonderful Tulum!! Comment down below any posts you want me to publish!! 


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