Costa Rica Moments

The beautiful surf town of Nosara stole my heart. Filled with the most genuine people, authentic food, lined with mini cabanas in the jungle. I fell in love with this breath-taking village and I savored every moment. Here is my Costa Rica travel guide! 

Where To Sleep: 

  • The Nomadic Hotel 

This hotel is absolutely perfect for relaxing poolside for hours on end, waking up to freshly made breakfast and hot coffee and swimming in the most amazing pool you have ever seen. We LOVED it! 


Where to Eat: 

  • La Luna Restaurant 

You sit and eat hummus, pizza, guacamole, salad, fish. They have every delicious food you've been dreaming of. While munching on the best food, you are watching an incredible sunset. Simply magical. 

  • Go Juice Nosara 

This was my go-to spot for a morning acaĆ­ bowl or a kale juice. This juice stand has the best employees, best juices/smoothies, and the BEST acaĆ­ bowls EVER. 10/10. 

  • La Casa Deli 

When you hear deli you think pastrami on rye bread, right? Yeah, we did too until we stepped into La Casa Deli. This is the perfect lunch-spot for a quinoa salad bowl, healthy wraps or just to take in the cool vibe. P.S. only open until 4! 


La Negra 

Oh, La Negra. This restaurant/hotel has a crazy good vibe, fab food and a super cute pool. We went there for some yoga, live music and a chicken roast. Another, 10/10. 


Overall this vacation was perfect. Everything was beautiful and made with love. I 100% recommend Nosara, Costa Rica if you want to have a magical experience.


Stella Rae