Makeup & Photo by Lila Childs

Makeup & Photo by Lila Childs

Hi, my name is Stella Santini, a 15 year old girl, trying to capture the beauty of the people and essence around me.

Ever since technology has become such a distinct part of society, photography is as simple as clicking a single button on a phone. Ever since then, I’ve been realizing the importance of photography, especially film. I’ve been inspired throughout my entire years of the arts and now that visual arts has come into my life, I’ve become more appreciative of my surroundings and people in my life. I’m an only child and my family and I have always had an urge to discover and adventure to different places. My love for traveling and photography as developed into this website, to exhibit my travels and creative inspiration as a young teenager.

I learned my love for photography recently and immediately fell in love. I’ve been taking classes at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City for the past year, in hopes of gaining knowledge and insight about the art of photography. I created this blog with hopes of sharing my inner thinking and photographs of people and places surrounding me. 

I’m currently working on new projects and collaborations with brands based in New York and Connecticut! If you would like to contact me, please see the contact page or the email below :)


Stella Rae